I love the web. Not the ad-infested, "track you just 'cos" walled gardens; no, the Open Web™️. The place where anyone can put something up for very little money and find an audience. The place where wild ideas first sprout. The place where this very website is hosted. I don't use trackers. I don't use analytics. Hell, I don't even use cookies!

I believe that you should treat your audience with respect, so I use JavaScript very, very sparingly. I don't want to assume that everyone is on the latest hardware, so to make sure that everyone has a good experience with my projects, I try to do as much as I can server-side.


Ages ago I had an app in the App Store. It was a small note-taking app that started with a blank sheet every time you opened it. I had the ambition to turn it into a starting place for all your text needs. It didn't pan out for a variety of reasons, and there is the wonderful Drafts now, which is the same idea, but executed extremely well.

It's not in the App Store anymore and I don't think the code runs anymore. Maybe I'll do a reboot one of these days...

The Black Dog Comics Website Redesign

The (not so) super-secret project I've been working on. We're close to launch. We've launched.


The static site generator that powers this very website. It's written in Python and does everything I need to maintain this site. There is a rudimentary Markdown "Parser" and a blog/feed generator. It's probably not a good idea for someone else to use it, but you're free to try. It's (obviously) server agnostic and I'm using Apache.


A simple Django app that adds search and sort to HTML tables. It's the first spin-off from my time on my last job ( I got to keep the copyright on the code). I don't know if there will be more, though. It's all very specific to the projects and I got so much better in the meantime.


A set of CSS Styles I have used in a couple of projects.