Back Tweet Boy

Yes, it's true. I have reactivated my Twitter account. And look at that timing, too! The person with sole command over the largest nuclear stockpile in the world is not a complete idiot anymore. Also not tweeting from the toilet at 3am. One hopes. Anywho.

My feelings towards social media haven't changed, but I'm working on a bunch of stuff that I would like to share with the world and social media is still the best avenue for advertising if you're not a big company or have a nuclear stockpile to force people to listen to you. So, twitter.

Not going to start tweeting like the old days, mind you. With a dayjob, two kids, and a good helping of side-projects I won't have the time to read, let alone tweet. It'll mostly be promo, some filler.

Okay, lots of filler and a gif every once in a while. You know, me.

So. To summarize: I'm back. Sort of. Make of that what you will. Hashtag hashtag.