Christmas Let Me Go


So, let's do it quick and easy: I was let go from my job two days before Christmas. Yeah, I know. It's the perfect gift for someone like me and you're kicking yourself for not coming up with it. Short version: They just don't feel like they need a full-time software developer/sysadmin anymore, because computers are a fad? Maybe? My last official day is January 31, so I still have some time before I hit panic mode.

Anyway, if you know something, let me know. For the last six years I've been building internal tools for a medium-sized Taxi company (think Uber but, like, legal), first for iOS, and then for the web with Python! Apache! Django! CSS! Other cool buzzwords! I've also been working on a super top-secret website redesign, which will be officially unveiled very soon. ish. (Hi guys. You know who you are. Early January? 😬)