1251 Noon

I had so much fun creating the world of 1251 - Tuesday that I decided to play a bit more with it. 1251 - Noon was originally supposed to be my submission for the Unofficial Gameboy Jam, but I apparently don’t understand how calendars work. So it’s just another game I made. I mostly play by the rules laid out in the jam (160 x 144 resolution, only four colors), but I added some sound effects that are decidedly non-8 bit, because I quite liked them and they fit with the overall aesthetic of the game.

1251 - Tuesday was born out of the So Bad It’s Good Jam, so it’s a “broken” game by design. 1251 - Noon is the same. It might not even be possible to finish it; I, for one, haven’t managed to reach the end organically. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

I am not done with the 1251 idea. I have projects for Sunday and Thursday on my computer that will hopefully see the light of day some time this year.