Ray Tracer Graphics Investigator

The thing about not having a formal education is that you learn things in a different order than most people in your field. Or sometimes you don't learn some theoretical thing at all, because it's really not relevant to the work you do, and then you feel like a fraud when it comes up and you have no clue.

I understand that ray tracing is pretty fundamental to graphics programming, and that it's something comp-sci people learn in university. Well, I never went to university. I have a high-level understanding of the concepts behind it, but I never felt the need to learn more than that. Now that I've switched my game development efforts to Unity, I have even less reason to dig into the details. And yet, I find myself compelled to do just that.

I picked up "Ray Tracing From The Ground Up" by Kevin Suffern. For the next few weeks, I will work through one or two chapters every weekend, post my progress on github, and write a little something on here. That way, I'll have an audience while I stumble through all the hard mathy stuff. I love struggling in public. Just ask the people in the Berlin comedy scene.