Engine Waffles

Well, I've moved on from creating my own engine. Things being as they are, I just didn't feel like it's time well invested. I did learn a bunch, and it was fun, but I do have a "project" coming towards the end of the year that will consume most of my time, and I wanted to put out a few things before then. Wild Sam! is still high up on my list, but I decided to do a couple more small things before then. It's hard to work on something alone without anything to show for it, and quite frankly, I was wrong about being ready. The game itself is still to ill-defined, something I hope to remedy in the coming weeks. (Starting over so soon is usually a sign that something isn't right.)

After testing out both Unreal and Unity (plus a slew of smaller, lesser-known engines) I settled on Unity. It gels very well with the way I want to make games, and there are a ton of resources. I've picked up Unity Games By Tutorials and followed the tutorials to create my first few projects. Now I'm building a small thing that came to me in a dream and I'm doing the 'So bad it's good' Jam on itch.io. It starts next Monday and runs for a week. I have an idea for the genre I want to work in. It's a silly thing and I'm super excited about it.

That's it for the general update. Expect some words about the jam project once I'm allowed to write stuff down about it early next week.