Social Media Hiatus Update

Turning off social media for a while is both easier and harder than I thought it would be. There are so many news that I don't see on a day-to-day basis, and my experience has definitely changed. Before you go all "Aha! I told you so": It's neither better or worse. Just different.

I instinctively picked up my phone when I had to wait for something to load at work those first few days. I hadn't noticed that I was doing it, but there it was. Physical proof of my social media habit. It took me about a week to stop and I am more productive without it. I do miss the constant stream of tiny social interactions, however. I have a bit of social anxiety and the way twitter and facebook are structured did help me stay in the loop. People who've met me before will probably be confused at this point; I am very good at hiding it. But rest assured, most of the time I'm hanging out with you fine people I get nervous and sweat. A lot. I arrive early and walk around the block before I ring the doorbell. It takes me 20 minutes of deliberation before I pick up the phone to call someone. It's something I need to manage and interacting online has helped me tremendously. Facebook's wall and Twitter's timeline are semipublic spaces, and I do pretty well in semipublic spaces. I can move in and out of conversations without pressure. They're not one-to-one conversations, which I struggle the most with. Semipublic spaces are wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that I sometimes overdo it and forget to do my work.

I will have to find some sort of middleground eventually. I enjoy these productive stretches, but I miss dipping into conversations during the day. Once again the biggest thing I need to work on is moderation.