Punching Nazis

What I don't get, what drives me up the wall, is the fact that for decades, the Left has fought Nazis (Skinheads), who posed no threat to our democracies, but the moment actual Nazis take power, people who want to "eradicate all blacks" and "create a White Ethno-State" (Richard Spencer), who are running Nazi propaganda websites (Steve Bannon), people who offer "Alternative Facts" to the public (Kellyanne Conway), who threaten to abandon peaceful cooperation between developed nations with "America First" (Donald Trump), the Left all of the sudden stops and says "Well, let's wait and see if they're actual Nazis. They say a lot, but who knows what they will do?" What, they get a pass now because they kind of look like you? Because they dress fancy and groom themselves? Because they call themselves "Alt-Right" and are all hip on Social Media?

Fuck that. These people are NAZIS. They are enemies of democracy and freedom. They don't deserve a chance. They don't deserve respect. They deserve to be punched in their stupid Nazi face.