Rogue Demon Hunter And What Comes Next

Rogue Demon Hunter (Windows, Linux & macOS) will be the last game I'll release for a while. Not because I'm done making games, but because I'm just getting started.

Six months ago, I set myself a goal: Make one game every month. Apart from September (where I made a level editor which will come in handy for the next project), I did exactly that. They are of varying quality, but I learned something from every game. This entry for the GBJAM taught me a lot. It was the first game where I fully committed to the schedule I need to maintain to make a bigger game whilst having a full-time job. I spend a lot of evenings and weekends writing code, drawing sprites, or hitting keys on a virtual synthesizer. I didn't cram everything into a two day marathon, which I had done with previous games. It was a different, but rewarding experience. I felt very good about doing it, even though it's a strain on my social life. But I don't see any other way. I want to spend more time making games, and that time has to come from somewhere.

I had two very specific games in mind when I embarked on this journey. I knew that both of them would be more complex than what I was capable of building back then, which is why I made these smaller games first. They were test runs, to see if I could keep a schedule, expand in scope, etc.

One of the games I needed to make is about my early life, and one is a 2D horror comedy. I am now confident enough to make that horror game. I will update you as things keep happening. Who knows, I might even give this live building on twitch a go (still not really familiar with that whole scene). Expect the first post with more details some time this week. For now I will go back to playing Mafia III, a game I do enjoy quite a bit, despite its many flaws.