Not A Plumber

I have just finished my fourth game, Not A Plumber. Windows users can head over to, while Mac and Linux user can check out the repo on github.

Fair warning: There is not much to it! I'm doing this 'one game per month' thing and I started very late this month. Four days ago late. So this is basically just a rough draft of what this game could be. There are things I like: The art, while far from being finished, is going in a direction I like. I'm very proud of the music. But the mechanics are pretty wonky, and I've had a lot of trouble nailing down the animations.

My takeaways:

  1. I need to focus on making games more and do other stuff less. I am working on that.
  2. I need to make sure that I don't get too set in my ways. I tried to get the jumping right, but I was dancing around the same solution for two days, instead of trying something else. I need to let go more easily.
  3. I love, love doing this.