The Referendum

I want to be angry and yell "Let England and Wales burn to the ground. Scottish Independence! Irish Unification!", but that is not going to solve our ongoing global problem:

The resurgence of narrow-minded nationalism, fear, and overall bigotry.

This is not something confined to the UK, or the US, for that matter. This is something we all have to come to terms with and quick. The far right is back with a vengeance, all over the world, and if we don't pay close attention now we will slide into fascism faster than you can say Lebensraum.

We are all stronger united, and I firmly believe that the majority of Leave voters are not bad people. They are not the enemy. They have been misled and misinformed, leading to one of the worst decisions of their lives. They are angry. Yelling won't solve the problem. Pointing out that that they are wrong and that your opinion is so much better and more informed (hello, Bildungsbürgertumfreunde) won't have the desired effect. It's not Us vs Them.

We have real, structural problems (one of those days I'm going to write that big piece about the internet revolution that I've been kicking around for years now) and of course people are afraid. Of course people are hurting. But there is a better way. Working together, helping each other.

I sincerely hope that the next three months (at which point a new PM will take over Britain) will show what would happen if that referendum is implemented. Two unions would break apart and no one would come out the better. It has already started: As I type this, the UK has stopped being the fifth largest economy. Think about that. We can all be better if we're united.

The history of Europe has been one of constant warfare. The last 60+ years have been an unprecedented time of peace on the continent and we all are better off for it. Let's make sure it doesn't end here.

Oh, and fuck that bigoted lying cunt Nigel Farage and that fucking coward David Cameron.