I really enjoyed Ludum Dare #35. Making a game in a short period of time is a blast. So I was ready to jump right back in when Mini-Jam #67 was announced. Remix/Mashup one of these classics. Fantastic. What would happen if the bricks in Breakout shoot back? What if they were aliens? Hell, what if Space Invaders was in the game? An idea was born. Unfortunately life stuff got in the way (life stuff) and I couldn't do it in the time frame.

I picked a new jam to enter in the moment life stuff was resolved (life stuff) and off I went to make my Breakout/Space Invaders mashup. It's called SpaceOut! (! for emphasis), and you can play it here. It's my third game overall, and the first one that is an actual gamey game. There's definitely things I have to tweak over the next few days: The speed, for one. It's a bit on the slow side. I would like to have more levels. And I have to redo the collision detection. It's too flaky right now.

On a more general note, I'm happy about how I'm progressing. I feel much more confident writing code in C+

The next game I'll make will be a platformer with a silly story. I like silly stories. Maybe I'll reuse the aliens and have them shoot at you while you run around as Not A Plumber™.